We currently do not have any puppies available.  

You may contact us and we can let you know of future litters that are planned.

Thanks, Ric and Eileen


Pal (formally Kayne) has gone to live with his new family.  It was hard to let him go because we were so attached to him but we know he is in a wonderful place.

Congratulations to the "Bright" family.  Pal's new family consists of a mom, dad and two wonderful daughters that just love him to death.  He also has furry playmates that happen to include uncle Dandy (a litter mate to Amber who is Pal's mom).  There are very patient cats to investigate, and goats, cows and horses to check out.  He has lots of room to run and play.  They are keeping us posted on what is happening with him and sending us a lot of pictures.  We couldn't of asked for a better home for him!